Team Members


Rowena joined the Construction Focus team in April 2023 with lots of field experience. She has quickly risen through the ranks to become the office’s top dog and Nose It All. Equipped with a keen curiosity, sense of dominion, and a frisky wag, she is the first friendly point of contact for all who come into the office. Visitors are encouraged to greet Rowena with equal gusto.

Steve Gunn

Steve has extensive office and field experience beginning in 1972. He has worked as a carpenter, a self-employed general contractor, a division manager and chief estimator for a local commercial building contractor, and project manager. Steve has been an independent cost estimator since forming Construction Focus, Inc. in 1995.

Greg Burr, CDT

Greg joined Construction Focus, Inc. in 2014. His experience and education in the architecture field has helped him assess project plans for estimating from a design intent and constructability perspective. This is particularly helpful for design phase estimates and ensures a high degree of accuracy during construction level estimates. Greg is proficient in working with clients, contractors, and vendors to determine the relevant project data to achieve the most precise estimating results.

Eric Davis

Eric joined Construction Focus, Inc. after working in the property management industry. Eric’s areas of expertise in cost estimating include HVAC, plumbing, and roofing. His previous experience in property management included overseeing painting, siding, flooring, and assessment of high wear-and-tear buildings. This experience gives Eric insights into the challenges that he faces while preparing cost estimates.

Sieglind Gatewood

Sieglind came to Construction Focus, Inc with a background in business administration, marketing, and communications. As Marketing Director, her experience in marketing, business development, and HR enables her to identify and pursue new business opportunities, while assisting with operations.In her free time, Sieglind enjoys biking and exploring locations along the Oregon coast and McKenzie River.

Joseph Ragsdale

Joe possesses a background in customer service and an associate degree in biology but has seamlessly transitioned to construction estimating. Driven by a passion for precision, and leveraging his scientific background, he provides accurate estimates through rigorous analysis and data-informed decision-making. Joe’s estimating areas are civil, sitework, and flooring.

Nick Arvidson

Nick recently joined Construction Focus after spending four years working as a residential energy specialist. He earned a B.S. in Architecture as well as energy certifications that apply to single and multi-family homes 3 stories and under. His educational background and work experience brings a well-rounded and complementary addition to the Construction Focus team. Nick’s estimating areas currently include openings.

Richard Wike

Richard has more than 35 years of experience in the design, estimating, and sales of HVAC equipment and systems. His experience includes working at Chase Company, Western Pneumatics, and Comfort Flow. Richard also holds a BBA degree from the University of Oregon.

Bob Cook

Bob has been an Oregon State licensed electrician for more than 38 years. His expertise includes contracting, project supervision, estimating, designing, installing, and inspecting. Additionally he has done apprenticeships, general college courses, and electrical education classes.

Curt Offenbacher

Curt has more than 40 years of experience in site development. His expertise includes construction contracting, estimating, budgeting, and project management. Curt holds 2 BA degrees from Oregon State University in Civil Engineering and Business Administration.

Ken Hatfield

Ken has more than 30 years of experience as a business owner, project supervisor, estimator and installer of steel stud framing systems and interior finishes. His expertise includes wall, ceiling, and soffit framing, suspended ceilings, acoustical panels, and gypsum board products.

Rich Snider

Rich has more than 50 years of experience in the construction, design, estimating, budgeting, and sales of all types of windows, doors, and glazing. Rich holds an Associate’s Degree from Columbia Basin College. He has been the owner/operator of two separate glass businesses.