• Cost Consulting: conceptual through CD’s, all disciplines
  • Budget Preparation
  • Database of Local Project Costs
  • Constructability Evaluations
  • Site Progress Reviews
  • Plan Proofing
  • Quantity Surveys
  • Vector: RFP and RFQ leads

Approach To The Work

The team members from Construction Focus, Inc. have a strong background in providing construction cost information but our involvement does not stop there.  We appreciate having the opportunity to apply our years of construction experience to each part of the design process.  We review each project from a constructability standpoint while offering suggestions regarding construction methods, efficient use of materials, value engineering, and logistical strategies.  We prepare our estimates and proofread the documents as if we were a contractor preparing a bid and responsible for the actual construction.

The company also maintains a database of regional construction projects and their construction costs.  This information is frequently used as comparable data for new projects in much the same way that an appraiser would review similar buildings to arrive at an appraisal.  This database of past projects is particularly useful during the early stages of the design process and we find it to be more useful than similar national databases available through bookstores.