Seismic and CMGC


  • KPFF Engineers contracted with Construction Focus, Inc. in 2009 to provide cost estimating services for seismic improvements to more than 20 schools within the Portland Public School system. The work included adding shear walls, plywood roof diaphragms, replacing structural members, and architectural finishes.
  • In 2012 the company provided cost estimates for the Central Albany Elementary School. This $905,000 project included adding shear walls, hold downs, parapet braces, and brace frames. Associated with this seismic improvement work were ADA improvements, new exit stairs, roofing, and finishes. The historical character of the building could not be compromised due to this work.
  • The Springfield Middle School seismic upgrade project included adding plywood sheathing to the walls of the gymnasium and the multi-purpose rooms. Exterior brick veneer was secured by using Helifix anchors and windows were replaced with safety glass.
  • The Walterville Elementary School seismic project included removing interior finishes and cabinetry so that exterior walls could be accessed from the interior. Plywood sheathing was added to reinforce these walls and interior finishes were replaced. Wall insulation was also upgraded.
  • In 2011 the company provided a conceptual level cost estimate for renovating the City of Eugene Main Post Office into a museum for Lane County. The seismic improvement work was carefully crafted to maintain the historical classification of the building. Additionally an internal elevator was added along with a mezzanine, ADA improvements, roofing, and skylights.
  • The City of Eugene was interested in knowing the cost of seismic improvements to its City Hall building in 2009. This $4.5 million project included adding concrete shear walls, footings, steel rod bracing, and associated architectural finishes.
  • Construction Focus, Inc. provided a cost estimate for renovations to the new Eugene Police Facility on Country Club Road. This seismic improvements included ceiling bracing, equipment bracing, adding concrete shear walls and footings, adding beams and strapping, and roofing repairs.
  • Nash Hall on the Oregon State Campus required seismic upgrade work before students returned in 2008. The work included adding shotcrete shear walls, footings, extensive excavations in a tight space, and re-installation of brick veneer.


Construction Focus, Inc. is in a unique position to provide accurate cost estimates because the company is hired by multiple participants in the construction process. Most of our work comes from owners and architects but we are also hired by general contractors and subcontractors. This relationship with contractors enables us to gain firsthand knowledge of the material pricing, labor productivity rates, and markup rates that contractors are using. This information is particularly useful for us when we work with owners and architects to develop project budgets and conceptual cost estimates.

Usually when we are hired onto a CMGC project it is to serve as an independent check or verification for what is provided by the general contractor. Our participation has been well received by all participants. General contractors have appreciated that we have included items in our cost estimate that they had forgotten to include. All parties appreciate our estimating format because it is a system that addresses more than just the basic unit costs for work items. All of our estimates include separate pricing for labor, materials, and markups. Because of this format we can participate in detailed discussions with the contractor regarding the precise factors that make up all elements of a cost estimate. We may start a discussion by comparing unit costs with a general contractor then we are able to delve into a review of labor costs, production rates, materials costs,
shipping costs, markups, etc.

Some examples of our CMGC projects are:

  • Lane County Customer Service Center: Remodel shop to offices $5,200,000
  • 295 Church Street IT Bldg: 5-story building, commercial & retail $8,400,000
  • Afiya Apartments: 3-story, wood framed, 16 units $1,767,000
  • Crescent Village Building D: 5-story shell with finished core $4,715,000
  • LTD Fleet Services: Service bay additions and remodel $3,737,050
  • Springfield Fire Station #16: 2-story, wood frame, $2,100,000
  • UO PK Park: Baseball stadium with seating, boxes & facilities $20,970,000