Apartments and Condominiums
1825 and 1827 Harris Apartments: Complete interior building remodel


Afiya Apartments: 3-story, wood framed, 16 units


Fourteen Pines Stair Replacement: Concrete stair and wood-framed balcony


Friendly Street Condos: Wood framed, commercial below


Friendly Street Mezzanine: Addition of a floor


High Street Apartments: Moving and restoring Amazon apartments


Lincoln School: Conversion to condominiums


McMorran City Lofts: 7-story apartment building and 4-story offices


Morton Road Housing: Wood framed construction


Munsel Lake Village Apts: Two 2-story bldgs- 45 units, low income housing


North Bend Hotel: Remodel an existing 5-story hotel into low income housing


Olive Plaza Lobby: 1780 sf single story bldg addition and remodel


Parkview Terrace: Exterior improvements, EIFS, windows, roofing


Private University Housing, Portland: 7-story bldg, PT slabs, steel framing


Quail Run Assoc: Life expectancy study for condominium neighborhood

Rainbow Valley Condos: 3-story building


River Court Housing: 22 affordable housing units


River Island Estates: Exterior improvements and roof construction


Salishan Condos: 20 units in two, 2-story buildings with carports


Athletic Facilities
Central Douglas County YMCA: New facility with associated sitework


Courtsports West: Physical Therapy addition, CMU walls, wood framed roof


Courtsports: Swimming pool addition


Driftwood Shores Pool Building: Remodel swimming pool facility


Eugene Echo Hollow Pool Windows: Entry curtain wall


Lane County Horse Arena & Stalls: 108,000 sf project area


Lane County Livestock Arena: Fairgrounds livestock remodel, 1 story


LCC Track & Soccer Fields: Drainage system, new surfacing, paths, walls


LCSD Grandstands: 300 aluminum seats w/roof & pressbox


OSU Gill Coliseum Locker Room: Men’s basketball locker room remodel


OSU Goss Stadium: Grandstands and facilities expansion


Salishan Spas: Building addition for spas, lockers, and therapy


Thurston Sports Complex: 2 Single-story buildings


UO Autzen Visitor Locker Room: Remodel


UO Howe Field Batting Cages: New athletic facility


UO Howe Field Improvements: Stadium, seating, locker bldg and fields


UO Outdoor Program: 3- part package; outdoor storage, entry, parking


UO PK Park: Baseball stadium with seating, boxes & facilities


UO Rock Gym Improvements: Rock climbing wall, boulder, and amenities


UO Tennis Court and Field Renovation: Tennis courts, track, soccer fields


UO Tennis Court and Wrestling: 2-story addition


UO Tennis Court East Expansion: Add 2 courts, offices, lockers, viewing


Veneta Swimming Pool: Lap pool, spa, and locker facility


West Albany Grandstand: Remodel


Christ the King Church: New 8958sf building, new parking lot


Church of the Resurrection: Addition and remodel, 1,657sf


Emmaus Lutheran Church: Addition and remodel


First Church of Christ Scientist: Remodel existing facilities


First Congregational Church: Addition and remodel


First Presbyterian Church: 24,471 sf addition


Temple Beth Israel (planning): 2-story wood framed temple


Unitarian Universalist Church (Eugene): Addition and remodel Confidential

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis: Addition and remodel


Colleges and Universities
Central Oregon Community College Residence Hall: New hall, 3 pods


Chemeketa CC Medical Lab: Addition and remodel


Chemeketa CC TI & Renovation: Convert retail space to office use


Klamath Falls Community College: Educational buildings


Lane Community College: Replace roof with 45 mil TPO


Lane Community College Building 15: Remodel and re-roof


Lane Community College/Oakridge Comm. Learning Center: Bldg addition


OIT Student Union Remodel: Tenant improvements


Oregon CCC-Aquarium Science: CMU walls, wood roof, laboratory building


Oregon Coast Community College-Central: 1-2 story multi-level, 80,168 sf


Oregon Coast Community College-North: two stories, 20,000 sf


Oregon Coast Community College-South: Wood framed, classrooms


OSU 3 Residence Halls: Remodeling and improvements


OSU ADA Improvements at 5 sites: Remodel restrooms


OSU ADA Improvements 2014: Remodel restrooms 3 areas


OSU Bert Room 365: Minor remodel


OSU Buxton Hall: Dormitory remodel


OSU Gleeson Hall Floor Infill: Remodel


OSU Kerr Admin: Metal deck & Concrete slab, electrical & mechanical


OSU LARC Phase 2: Remodel of an animal laboratory facility


OSU McNary Windows: Window and siding replacement


OSU Nypro Addition & Renovation: Conceptual project


OSU Ocean Observing Center: Phase 2, remodel, mech and elec upgrades


OSU Orchard Court Apartments: SIP roof panels, wood framed


OSU Owen Hall 4th Floor: Remodel lab space


OSU Oxford House: Remodel 4 story community center, site work


OSU Plageman Hall ADA Access: Entry modification, subgrade conc ramp


OSU Radiation Center: Classroom & labs addition, 2-story


OSU Radiation Shop: 1680 sf addition to laboratory


OSU SCC Avery Lodge: Remodel/renovation of 3 levels & exterior


OSU SCC Azalea House: Remodel/renovation of 2 levels & exterior


OSU Strand Hall: Remodel to add a 4-stop elevator


OSU Student Dental Clinic: House relocated & remodeled


OSU USGS: Remodel a day care center into an open office plan


OSU Weniger Hall: Lab remodel on floors 3 & 4. 11,720 sf


OSU Withycombe Hall: Elevator addition and hall remodel


Pioneer Pacific College: Tenant Improvements to 4,162 sf private

UO Accessibility Improvements: Ten campus locations


UO Bach Music Addition: New 2-story bldg w/ 2nd fl connector


UO Barnhart Hall, Dining Renovations: Kitchen, dining & eatery remodel


UO Building 130 Canopy: A 2537 sf free standing steel structure canopy


UO Carson Hall Repairs: Remodel dormitories


UO Carson Hall: Lobby, restroom, dining and office remodel


UO Chapman Hall: Remodel with 5 scenarios of faculty or admissions


UO Craft Center: Roof structure and additions


UO Dunn & Caswell Halls: Dormitory and commons remodel


UO Earl Hall PH3: Innovations, interior remodel


UO Earl Hall: New elevator and ADA improvements


UO EMU Club Sports: Addition and remodel


UO EMU International Center: Remodel, elaborate casework and finishes


UO Gerlinger Hall: Remodel for access to water piping replacement


UO Gerlinger Hall Flooring: New hardwood flooring over existing


UO Graduate Student Housing: 3-story, wood framed


UO Hammy’s Diner: Remodel grab-n-go food area


UO Johnson Hall 2nd Floor B: Remodel, mechanical upgrades


UO Johnson Hall President: Interior remodel, 2,750 sf


UO Klamath Hall 361/365: Remodel lab space


UO Oregon Hall: Additions and remodel


UO PD Dispatch Center Relocation: Demo, construction, M&E


UO Rainier Hall Electrical Renovations:


UO Straub Hall MRI Facility: Lab addition and remodel


UO Walton Director Apt: Remodel existing apartments


UO Walton Hall Elevator: Add elevator to existing residence hall


UO Willamette Hall Lab 40: Remodel


UO Zebrafish Lab Renovations: Remodel laboratories and offices


High Schools
A3 Academy_1: Remodel and structural changes


A3 Academy_2: Addition and remodel


Beaverton Capital Center: Renovation and seismic upgrades


Churchill HS Additions: 4 classroom additions & remodel

$ 1,270,000

Churchill HS STEM Addition: Remodel and addition to outbuilding


Crescent Valley HS Re-Roofing: Re-roof of 208,400 sf


Glide High School Fire: Reconstruction after fire damage


Glide High School: Additions and remodel


Mount Angel Kennedy High School: Office and classroom improvements


Mountain View HS: Remodel culinary, 2 gyms, tennis court, athletic field


North Douglas HS Multi-purpose: New 5,688 sf building


North Eugene HS Master Plan: Cafeteria and commons remodel


Portland Public Schools: Seismic upgrades to 30+ buildings


Sheldon HS Addition: New science lab and addition


South Albany HS: 4-classroom addition


South Albany HS-2009: Major demolition and remodel


South Eugene HS Master Plan: Cafeteria addition and remodel


Springfield HS Locker Room: Replace slab, lockers, HVAC


Summit HS Addition: Additions to 2 buildings total of 5,574sf


Thurston HS / Lane Community College: Addition and remodel


Thurston HS Lobby Remodel: Replace glazing, add walkway


Thurston HS, Master Planning Phase: Addition and remodel


West Albany HS-2008: Addition and remodel


Willamette HS Science & Admin: Steel frame structure, 2 phases


Middle Schools
4J Spencer Butte Middle School Renovation: Interior remodel & security


Briggs Middle School: Security fencing, office remodel


Cal Young Middle School: New 2-story school


Madison Middle School: New 2-story school with gym, cafeteria, and kitchen


Monroe Middle School Addition: Science and classroom wing


Mount Angel Middle School: Office, library, and gymnasium improvements


North Albany Middle School: 1-story addition, cmu walls, wood framed roof


Elementary Schools
Adams and Hillside: Interior hallway & restroom remodel


Buckingham Elementary School: 3 Sets of restroom remodel, new gym floor


Crook County Elementary School: New 76,339sf building, 5 athletic fields


Edison Elementary School: Office and restroom remodel


Fairfield Elementary School: New 53,477sf bldg, athletic fields, parking lot


Goshen Elementary School Fire: Replace gym/multi-purpose bldg after a fire


Malabon Elementary School: New 58,978 sf bldg, athletic fields, parking lot


McCornack Elementary School: Addition and remodel


Pleasant Hill Elementary School: New construction, 38,000 sf


Ridgeview Elementary: Music building addition and interior remodel


Spring Creek and Howard Elementary: Gymnasium addition and remodel


Thurston Elementary: 2-story, tilt-up walls, steel roof


Twin Oaks Elementary: Classroom addition and interior remodel


Willagillespie Elementary: Remodel of a portion of existing 2 story school


Yolanda Elementary: Classroom free-standing addition of 2,980sf


Albany Options School: Comparative study of building types


Child Center, Springfield: Wood-framed bldg with site development


Crook County Schools Facility Assessment: Improvements to 25 bldgs N/A

Head Start Harney County: New building, wood construction


Head Start Milton-Freewater: New building, wood construction


Head Start Redwood: Wood framed, single story, difficult site


Head Start Umatilla-Marrow: New building, wood construction


Lincoln County Schools: Multiple school projects for bond measure


Looking Glass-River Road: 1-story residence/meeting hall, wood framed


Paleontology Center & School: Museum, learning center, and aux bldgs


Rachel Carson Wetland Education Center: Site development, site utilities


Wellsprings Friends School: New school, demo existing, landscaping Private

West Eugene Wetlands: New buildings, paths, bridge and other site work


Community Centers
Adair Village Community Center and City Hall: Single story, wood framed


Albany Carousel: Demo existing, new 25,400 sf community center


Bend Larkspur Center: 7 Interior remdl/addtn/4 exterior areas, Phases 1 & 2


Bend Larkspur Senior Center: Remodel and pool addition


Bend Larkspur Senior Center: Addition & remodel interior/exterior


Boy Scouts of America (BSA): Trail council facility, wood framed


Celeste Campbell Senior Center: Fitness Center addition and remodel


Chintimini Park & Community Center: Park improvements and remodel


Cow Creek Tribal Community Center: Major remodel & demolition


Creswell Library Expansion: Remodel and addition, site work


Gate Youth Association: New construction, 1-story wood frame + gym


Grand Ronde Community Center: Single-story wood frame addition


Madras Community and Aquatic Center: Pool, activity center, and gym


Madras Community and Aquatic Center: Pool, activity center, and gym


Masonic Lodge: New construction of 4,480sf building


Mt. Vernon Community Center: Additions & remodel, 1-story wood-framed


NEDCO Farmer’s Market Remodel: Remodel a 2-story church for civic use


Rufus Community Center: Remodel a 1928 school for civic use


Salem Children’s Library: Remodel 11,475sf, enclose activity room


Silverton Senior Center: Wood framed, 6,442 sf


Emergency Response
Albany Fire Station: Demo 5 bldgs, enlarge fire station, civil work


Albany Police Station: Single story police and justice facility


Bainbridge Island Fire/Police: Building & location study of 7 scenarios N/A

Beaverton Police: Remodel & addition of 3 story police/jail/court 132,866 sf


Boardman Fire Station: New construction, 2 story, CMU tower, 37,102sf


Dundee Fire Station: New construction, SIP panels and brick veneer


Eugene Airport Fire Station Improvements: Remodeling & additions


Eugene ARFF: Airport Fire station, wood framed, 1-story


Eugene Fire Station #10: Additions and remodel


Eugene Fire Station #10: Standby power generator


Eugene Fire Station #11: 2-story, steel frame, masonry exterior


Eugene Fire Station #5: Addition and remodel


Eugene Fire Station #8: Exterior site work & landscaping improvements


Eugene Police Facility: preliminary estimates for 2 phases, 27,787 sf


Glide Fire Station: New 1,520 sf building


Hillsboro Police: Comparative ranking of 10 possible site locations


Klamath Falls FS #1: Steel framed, 3-story, 5 bays


Klamath Falls Police: Renovation of an armory building into a police facility


Klickitat 911 Dispatch: New rough carpentry and architectural items


Loon Lake Fire Station: Wood framed new construction


McKenzie Fire & Rescue: New wood framed bldg, masonry wainscoting


Medford Fire Dept: 5 fire stations, logistics bldg and a training facility


Medford Police Facility: 3-story bldg + 3-story parking structure + streets


Monmouth Police Station: Remodel 2 story bldg, add elevator & stairs


Oregon City Police: New 38,626sf police building


Pleasant Hill Fire Station: Single story, wood frame, brick veneer


Prineville Police Station: Single story, wood framed plus remodel


Roseburg Public Safety Center: 3 levels CMU/steel frame, 47,046 sf


Sacred Heart Police Station: Single story wood frame 1,344 sf


Salem Police Headquarters: 2-story, steel frame, 2 buildings


Scio Rural Fire District: Fire station and site development


Springfield Fire Station #16: 2-story, wood frame,


Suncrest Fire Station: Wood framed, 11,806sf, 5 bays, site improvements


SW Polk RFPD: New fire station


Talent Police Station: Single story, wood frame, addition and remodel


Tualatin Valley Fire Station: Tenant improvements to 1,950 sf existing shell


West Linn Police Station: New 2 level, steel framed 18,871sf bldg


Financial Institutions
McKenzie State Bank: New construction Confidential

Oregon Community Credit Union: Add a 2nd floor to the existing building Confidential

Pacific Continental Bank: Branch office, wood framed


Pacific Continental Bank: Remodel, new workstations & finishes


Pacific Continental Bank: Tenant improvements


Governmental Buildings
295 Church Street IT Bldg: 5-story building, concrete shell, masonry exterior


Ashland Engineering Services Office Bldg: Remodel a 10,400 sf building


Bend, Public Works Department Master Plan: Site & buildings


Creswell City Hall 2nd Floor: Tenant improvements


Deschutes County Courthouse: Two courthouse additions


Eugene Airport Administration Building: Additions and remodel


Eugene Airport Administration Building: Remodel offices


Eugene Airport Ticket Lobby: 11 ticket booths, baggage handling system


Eugene City Hall: Multi-story office building


Eugene Council Chambers: Complete interior renovation


Eugene Council Chambers: Interior renovation


Eugene Council Chambers: Replace existing ceiling and modify lighting


Eugene Courtroom Remodel: West Courtroom, 2009


Eugene Facility Assessment Survey: Multiple bldgs and work items


Eugene Hult Ticket Center: Remodel


Eugene Hult Center Restroom Remodel: Remodel 3 sets of restrooms


Eugene Municipal Courtroom Remodel: Two courtrooms and offices


Eugene Police Facility Master Plan: Multi-story office building


Eugene Police Property Control & Lab: Two-story office/lab


Eugene State Office Bldg: Remodel and strengthen a 3-story concrete building


Florence Justice Center: Single story new construction, associated sitework


Florence Public Works: Office, shop, and vehicle storage buildings


Gervais City Hall: Single story, wood framed, police & administration


Harrisburg Municipal Center: 2-story, wood framed


La Grande Public Library: Wood framed, 1-story, 19,300sf


Lane County Child Advocacy Center: New building and associated sitework


Lane County Clerk’s Office: Remodel offices, restroom, reception area


Lane County Courthouse 3: Remodel 2 courtrooms and reception area


Lane County Courthouse: Remodel of courtrooms and offices


Lane County Customer Service Center: Convert warehouse to offices


Lane County Deeds and Records: Remodel of offices


Lane County Harris Hall: Remodel council chamber


Lane County Jail Kitchen Remodel: Structural & finishes, high security


Lane County Land Management: Remodel of offices


Lane County Parole & Probation: Remodel 2nd floor for office space


Lane County PSB 3rd Floor: Remodel office space


Lane County PSB ADA Ramp: Exterior and interior ADA ramps


Lane County PW Offices: Remodel and new construction options


Lane County Sheriff Remodel: Remodel existing facility


Lane County Solid Waste Expansion: New building


Lane County Waste Management: Office building and remodel


OR State Lottery Headquarters: Addition


OTIC Staffed Travel Plaza: Rest stop and travel, cmu bldg, wood roof


Prineville City Hall: Single story, wood framed


PUC Building Exterior Envelope: Stucco, storefronts, & roofing replaced


Salem Municipal Police/Courthouse: 2 story steel frame bldg w/4 courtrooms


Salem Operations Services Center: 2-story masonry/tilt-up office/shop bldg


Springfield City Hall Fascia: Fascia replacement, trims, and painting


Springfield Public Safety Building: Master plan development


Talent Civic Center: Office, civic, and council buildings cluster


USPS-Albany: Exterior repairs, roofing, HVAC and electrical upgrades


USPS-Albany: Remodel and deferred maintenance


Willamette Carpenter’s Training Center: Major remodel


AM Todd Botanicals: Complete interior renovation


Food For Lane County: Warehouse/office building, tilt-up


Gerber Storage Facility: Mini-storage facility, 15,500 sf Confidential

Grain Millers: Additions and remodel


Herald and News: Newspaper printing and office building


Industrial Finishes/Superior Steel Warehouse: Addition


Klickitat Warehouse: Single story, wood framed office & manufacturing


White Salmon Warehouse: Single story, CMU walls, OWSJ roof


Master Planning
Lake Oswego Public Service: Several maintenance and office bldgs


Lebanon Master Plan: Multiple civic, and recreation buildings


Mt Angel Downtown Improvements: City street remodel


ODF Forest Grove Master Plan: Offices, shops, site development


ODF Veneta Master Plan: 4-phase, new construction & renovation


Stayton Master Plan: City Hall plus Police and site development


380 Clinic Addition: Single story medical addition & remodel


Alsea Health Clinic: Single story, wood framed


Barger Vet Clinic: Addition and remodel


Corvallis Clinic: Remodel


Cottage Grove Hospital Laboratory: Remodel and interior enhancements


Crescent Medical Office Building: New office building including sitework


Eugene Ambulatory Surgery Center: Remodel


Good Samaritan Regional Medical Ctr: Cancer Center addition & remodel


Lane County Animal Regulation: Remodel


Lane County Public Health: New 4 story building


Lane Memorial Blood Bank: New 2-story steel building


LCC Health Clinic: Remodel shop space to create a clinic


Marion Co. Health Clinic: Replace ext glazing, HVAC plus tenant improv


McKenzie Wellness Center: Wood framed medical office building


McKenzie Willamette Hospital – South Building: Addition and remodel


McKenzie-Willamette Medical Office Building: Offices, parking, sitework


Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons: Office addition and remodel


Oregon Cardiology-Florence: Interior remodel, from office to medical


Orthopedic Health NW at Riverbend: 4-story medical office building


Orthopedic Health NW: Remodel medical offices


Pacific Women’s Center: Building addition


Patterson Medical Building: Medical office tenant improvements & expansion


Peace Harbor Nuclear Medicine: Building addition


PeaceHealth Birthing Center: Renovation vs. new construction study


PeaceHealth Cath Lab – HBOT: Medical remodel and improvements


PeaceHealth Gateway Urgent Care: Tenant improvements


PeaceHealth OML Lab Remodel (UO): Remodel lab and office spaces


PeaceHealth Phys. & Surg. North 4th Floor: Remodel office space


PeaceHealth Remodel – Florence: Addition & remodel to (2) medical facilities


PeaceHealth Remodel – Florence: Remodel Endoscopies/Pharmacy/X-Ray


PeaceHealth RiverBend Gamma Knife: Concrete vault, remodel 10 rooms


PeaceHealth RiverBend MRI: Demo & redo for replacement of MRI


PeaceHealth RiverBend Pavilion PET-CT: Lab space remodel


PeaceHealth RiverBend Stereotactic Lab: Tenant improvements


VA Roseburg Acute Psych Ward: New 15,550 sf building


VA Roseburg Ambulatory Care Addition: Single story medical bldg addition


VA Roseburg Building 1: 2nd Floor Remodel


VA Roseburg Building 1: Remodel medical space


VA Roseburg Building 16: Renovation


VA Roseburg Mental Health Clinic: Remodel and improvements


VA Roseburg MRI: Hospital addition


Villard Dental Clinic: Building replacement cost estimate


Willamalane Wellness Clinic: Addition and remodel


Albany Carousel & Museum: New 1-story w/basement


Benton Co. Historical Society Museum: Remodel and structural upgrades


Bohemia Museum: 2-story building, wood framed, basalt exterior


Grand Ronde Museum: Convert elementary school to a museum


LC Historical Museum at Post Office: Convert post office to a museum


LC Historical Museum: Addition of 1,800sf and remodel of 14,496sf


Springfield Museum: Brick repointing, and exterior repairs


UO Natural History Museum: 7135 sf vault and office addition


UO Natural History Museum: Office addition


Office Buildings
10th and Mill Office Building: 4 stories plus below grade parking


175 West Broadway Building: Renovate a 5-story office/retail building


3rd & Mill Building: 3-story building with retail & apts


4J Data Processing Expansion: Interior remodel


Avant Assessment: Tenant improvements Confidential

B.R.I.N.G. Office &Warehouse Complex: Site development and new bldgs


Balzhiser/Hubbard Office Expansion: Addition and associated sitework


BLM North Addition: 2-story addition and deferred maintenance


Chemeketa CC Business Center: 4-story, PT slabs, steel framed roof


Center Court: Tenant improvements Confidential

Corvallis Collocation: Office remodel, 108,490 sf


Crescent Village Building C1: 5-story, retail space ground level, apts above


Crescent Village Building D: 5-story shell with finished core


Customer First Building: New 2-story office/retail building


EMU Escape Field Studies Office: Office remodel and tenant improvements


Friendly Street Condos: Various building sizes & types


Golden Temple: 2-story remodel


Heeran Center Remodel: Interior remodel and entry improvements


H-H Office Remodel: 2 story attorneys’ office, major remodel


Invitrogen Bldg A: Office, laboratory, site work


KDC Lot 8: Shell and interior remodel. Add balconies and stairs


Kingsley Field Communications Bldg: Renovate & expand a 1-story building


KLCC Downtown: Remodel 2-story office building


Koke Print Bldg Remodel: Remodel office & warehouse areas


Lane Electric Coop Data Remodel: Reconfigure existing offices


Lane Electric Coop Remodel & Expansion: Offices & warehouse changes


Linn-Benton Housing: Single-story wood framed building


Looking Glass Youth & Family Services: Interior renovation


LTD Ridesource: New office and shop buildings


MLK Jr. Education & Conference Center: Additions & remodel


Misty Mountain 1045 Willamette Remodel: 18,071sf tenant improvements


NOAA-Newport: Office, warehouse, and shop buildings


ODF – Salem: New building construction and site work


ODF – Tillamook: New admin building and warehouse


PGE Avery Park Bldg: LEED 2-story, concrete tilt up panels, custom finishes


PHURA-Phoenix: New 10,464 sf office building & site improvements


River Road Office Bldg: 1 story wood framed office bldg


Rosboro OB4: Remodel a wood framed 1-story building


Summer Oaks Office Building: New executive office bldg and site work


Summer Oaks Office Park: New buildings & associated site work


Unitrin Office Bldg and Parking: Building improvements and parking lot


Berm and Barrier Fence: Earth berm and wooden fence construction


Central Oregon Comm. College Pioneer-Ponderosa: ADA improvements


Eugene City Hall Roofing: Re-roofing single ply with rock ballast


Eugene Police Hdqtr Fire Sprinklers: Modify existing system, 3 story


EWEB Hayden Bridge ADA: Remodel to conform to ADA standards


Gilliam Co. Courthouse Fire Sprinklers: Sprinkler & alarm systems


Hult Center Handrails and Ramp Improvements: Exterior improvements


Hult Center Stage Renovation: Wood and concrete remodel


Lamb Cottage Exterior Improvements: Siding, masonry, decking


Lane County Jail Roofing: Roofing demolition and application of new system


Lane County JJC Bike Enclosure: Steel framed bike shelter


Lane County Parking Structure: Pre-cast, 3-story add to existing structure


Lord Leebrick Theatre: Remodel for stage, seating, offices


Monroe MS Bike Cover: Steel columns, wood framed roof


Olive Plaza Roofing: Demolish and replace roofing with some pavers


OR Metro Zoo Amphitheater: Renovate amphitheater, seating, stage, cafe blg


Oregon Metro Zoo Beaver/Aviary: Replace/repair netting, widen path


OSU Washington Way: Street renovation plus lighting & landscaping


PUC Salem Exterior Envelope: Demo & replace entire envelope 48’high


Register Guard Loading Dock: AC paving, sidewalks & curbs


Riverview Terrace Elevator: Demolition, CMU walls, add 4-stop elevator


University of Oregon Observation Tower: Steel structure with access stairs


Villard Street Telecom: CMU walls, wood framed roof


Willamette Towers: Replace topping slab & membrane for parking garage


Recreation, Parks, and Site Development
Big Bend Hot Springs: Resort development


Blue Lake Restrooms: Pre-engineered CMU building of 1,700 sf


Bob Artz Park Reconstruction: Ballpark reconstruction


Cottage Grove Theatre: New building and site work


East Portal Kiosk and Restrooms: New construction, 2 timber and stone bldgs


Eugene Cuthbert Lawn: Site work, retaining walls, landscaping


Fields Neighborhood Park: Paths, dog park, landscaping, restrooms


Laurelwood ADA Upgrades: Remodel and ADA improvements


Leaburg Fish Ladder: Concrete, structural steel


ODOT Midland Rest Stop: Restrooms, info booth, sitework


Orchard Street Day Spa: Convert existing space into day spa


OR State Fairgrounds Bldg Survey: Report deferred maintenance of 18 bldgs


Prineville / Crook Co Plaza: Site work, stage, street improvements, walks


Rogue Landing Cabins: Multiple single family dwellings


Springfield Parks Tennis Courts: Covered and open tennis courts


State Street Restroom: Remodel, re-side and re-roof


Stenzel Kid’s Center: Children’s play center and sitework


Talent Commons: Site development, play structure, 43,647 sf project area


Washington Park Renovation: Remodel and ADA improvements


Wayfarer Resort: Remodel/addition tennis court, dining hall, laundry, & site Private

EWEB 5-Option Study: New 2048sf pre-engineered steel residence


EWEB Carmen-Smith Duplex: New 4,541sf duplex, street improvements


EWEB Carmen-Smith SF House: New 2,758 sf house, street improvements


Huntington Residence: New 8,000 sf residence Private

McMahon Lake House: New 4,253 sf custom residence, Private

Neal Residence: 3-story custom built home, Private

O’Hara Residence: New 5,000 sf residence Private

Secret Garden Bed and Breakfast: Facility remodel and repairs Private

Sohn Family Caretaker Residence: Two-story, wood framed custom Private

Springcrest Subdivision, Klamath Falls: Streets, utilities, and 83 homes


Residential Care
McKenzie Willamette Hospital – Adult Health Center: Addition & remodel


Olive Plaza Lobby: Single story bldg addition and remodel


Sweetbriar Villa Retirement Center: Wood framed, single story


VA Nursing Home Care Unit: Multiple use facility


VA White City: Domiciliary, wood framed, 1-story


Alibi Restaurant: New 2-story restaurant 10,100 sf, Private

Laurelwood Kitchen Improvements: Interior remodel


Lucky Noodle: Restaurant remodel


Marche: Restaurant remodel


OSU Arnold Dining Hall: Remodel kitchen and dining area


Papa Murphy’s Pizza: New restaurant 3,200 sf Private

Starbucks Exterior Improvements: Exterior improvements to existing café


UO Barnhart Dining: Kitchen, food prep, dining, and mezzanine remodel


UO Hamilton Hall Dining Room Phase 1: Remodel for coffee shop


UO Hamilton Hall Dining Room Phases 2-4: Remodel for specialty foods


11th and Commerce Strip Mall: New retail bldgs (shell only) and sitework


Aaron’s: New single story box store with cmu exterior and slab on grade


Big 5 Store: New single story box store with cmu exterior and slab on grade


Campbell Cleaners: New Laundromat building and associated site work


Coburg Road Development: New retail buildings (shell only) and sitework


Fifth Street Market Cafeteria Remodel: Complete interior renovation


Fifth Street Public Market SE Addition: Add atrium-type entry structure


Fifth Street Public Market: New construction and renovations


Independence Station: 4 stories; office/retail/residential


Lone Pine Village: Wood framed, 2-story, offices


Nolan Town Center, Redmond: New retail buildings and sitework


Petco: New construction, cmu exterior, slab-on-grade, single story box store


Rays Food Market – Redmond: New grocery store and sitework


Rays Food Place – Pleasant Hill: Addition and remodel


Ray’s Food Place – Sisters: 2 new buildings and sitework


Rite Aid Santa Clara: New single story box retail store


Smith Family Book Store: 2 story, steel framed building


UO Arena Duck Store: Remodel, casework, graphics, finishes


Valley River Center East Annex: Retail bldg shell, site, restaurant bldg pad


Valley River Center Improvements: Exterior façade and interior painting


Shops & Vehicle Storage
3rd and Lincoln Yard Remodel: Painting and exterior improvements


Bend Public Works Transit Operations: New building


Deer Park Pump Station: Addition


Eugene Airfield Equipment Storage Bldg: PEMB & site development


Eugene Fleet & Radio Maintenance: New office, shop, and radio tower


Eugene Maintenance Facility: Move wall, add OH doors & new shed 110,500

EWEB Leaburg Maintenance Shop: New building and shop


Kendall Honda: Building modifications & improvements


Klamath County Road Maintenance Shop: New buildings and remodel


Laurelwood Golf Course Maintenance Facility: Shops, parking, upgrades


Lebanon Maintenance Shops: Demo, new buildings, and sitework


Lincoln Co Vehicle Maintenance: Additions to maintenance shop & lift


LTD Fleet Services: Service bay additions and remodel


LTD Fleet Shop Addition: Repair bays expansion & remodel


LTD Shops Remodel: Remodel offices and add a mezzanine


Obsidian Lodge Storage Bldg: New Garage w/shed roof & site work


ODF Tillamook Vehicle Shelter: Single story storage and repair bays


Pape Kenworth, Klamath Falls: 9,400sf addition, bays & vehicle storage


River Road Car Wash: Single-story 3144 sf building w/cmu walls


Zebrafish Stock Center: Fish raising facility, new construction


Structural & Seismic Improvements
4-J School Improvements: Miscellaneous improvements at multiple sites


Central Albany Elem School: Seismic upgrade, shear walls, roofing


Churchill H.S. Structural Improvements: Seismic upgrades


COE Lincoln Yard: Seismic improvements to CMU & PRMB building


Depoe Bay RFPD: Seismic improvements to fire station


Estacada RFD: Evaluation study for seismic retrofit


Eugene City Hall: seismic upgrades, concrete shear walls


Eugene, Sheldon Community Center: Seismic upgrades and roofing


Eugene, Sheldon Natatorium: Seismic upgrades with steel bracing


Leaburg Fish Dam: Reinforce undermined footing, install steel sheet piles


Lincoln ES Seismic Improvements: Seismic upgrades at existing building


Midgley Bldg. Structural Improvements: Demolition/upgrade, 5 packages


OSU Nash Hall: Seismic upgrade, HVAC & roofing replacement


Portland Public Schools: Seismic upgrades to 30+ buildings


Sacred Heart Seismic Upgrade: Concrete sheer walls for existing building


Sandy Fire Station: Seismic improvements and addition/remodel


Santa Clara Fire Station Seismic: Small addition and seismic upgrade


Springfield Middle School Seismic: Gym and Multi-purpose room upgrades


Two Rivers Truss Repair: Replace bottom chord of two trusses


UO Baker Center Seismic Upgrade: Structural improvements


Washington ES Seismic Improvements: Seismic upgrades at existing building


Walterville Elem School Seismic: Shear walls, repairs, finishes


Transportation & Street Improvements
Eugene Airport Baggage Expansion: 2-floor addition, steel framed


Eugene Airport Baggage Remodel: New baggage equipment and ticket lobby


Eugene Airport Gate A Expansion: Demolition, 2-story infill & addition


Eugene Airport Siding: Replace concourse siding & flashings


Eugene Airport Terminal Expansion-3 phases: Baggage claim & Gate B


Eugene ConRAC: Airport car wash & gas station, site development


LTD Transit Station at Gateway: CMU walls, metal roof, glazing, walkway


PDX Exit Lot Plaza: 4,068sf bldg, paving, security, toll gates


PDX Rental Car QTA: 170,510sf bldg, parking, jockey road


PDX Hold Lot/Employee Parking: Civil at 3 parking lots & new building


PDX Terminal Roadway: Roadway removal & resurfacing, 328,812sf


Roseburg Parking Garage: Upgrade structure, facade, ADA and lighting


OSU Washington Way: street improvements w/ RR consideration